Restaurant de la Porte Guillaume ``Gastronomy at low prices``

The restaurant’s à la carte and menus offer either contemporary cuisine or authentic Burgundian specialities in a relaxing setting.

The dishes are elaborated from raw, fresh products and made on the spot by confirmed professionals.

An attentive service will offer you a selection of wines from Burgundy (by the bottle or by the glass) or from other regions of France chosen with care, will embellish your meals.

A wine bar located under the restaurant will propose you to taste wines, cheeses, delicatessen or to have a complete meal.

Hot and Cold Starters

Cannelloni of Zucchini, Small Vegetables Preserved in Olive Oil   12.50€

Cold Tomato Soup with Basil 12.00 €

Marbled Terrine of Poultry, Peach Compote with Timut Pepper   12.80€

Carpaccio of Pink Trout From the Jura, Mixed Herbs 14.50 €

Chef Own’s Duck Foie Gras, Apricot Chutney with Rosemary 18.90 €

(Depending on arrival)

Steamed Sea Bass Filet, Lemon- Lime Coconut Emulsion, Roasted Baby Carrots 20.00 €

Grilled Red tuna Steak,  Red Pepper Coulis, Ratatouille with Balsamic 26.00 €

Roasted Monkfish Medallion, Chorizo Risotto, Herbs and Cream Fumet 28.00 €

Meat and Poultry

Toutes nos viandes et volailles sont nées, élévées et abbattues en Bourgogne Franche-Comté

Red Label Guinea Fowl Leg stuffed with Mushrooms and Potatoes 18.50 €

Roasted Saddle of Lamb “Ferme de Clavisy” simple Juice with Thyme- lemon small candied eggplants 28.50 €

Slides Veal Kidney Sauteed in a Burgundy Ratafia Sauce, Fresh Tagliatelles 18.80 €

Grilled Fillet of Beef Charolais, Juice with Burgundy Truffles, Grated Potato and Celery 29.80 €

Vegan Dishes

Cold Tomato Soup with Basil 12.00 €

Cannelloni of Zucchini, Small Vegetables Preserved in Olive Oil  12.50 €

The Seasonal Vegetables Plate 18.80 €


Desserts …

Guanaja Chocolate Crisp, Light Coffee Mousse on fleur de Sel Crumble 9.00 €

Raspberry Pavlova Cream with Tarragon 9.00 €

Marinated with Peaches, Thyme- Lemon Baba, Peach Sorbet 9.00 €

Chocolate- Caramel Millefeuille with Strawberry Slices 9.00 €

Red Fruits Mousse on Gingerbread  9.00 €

Instant Dessert 9.00 €

All our desserts are “Homemade”.
except for ice cream and sorbets from the house “Glaces des Alpes”.

Terroir & Season Menu


Starter and Main Course or Main Course and Dessert : 26.00

Starter, Main Course, Cheese or Dessert : 32.50 €

Starter, Main Course, Cheese and Dessert: 38.00 €

Hot and Cold Starters

Royal Sea Bream Ceviche with Lemon Arugula
or Sliced Duck with Apricots and Rosemary, Honey and Sesame Vinaigrette
or Six Burgundy Snails
or Poached Eggs in Red Wine Sauce
or Burgundy Style Ham ” with Parsley”

The Dishes

Steamed Julienne Fillet, Saffron Cream
or Saddle of Rabbit, Mustard Jus, Crispy Mushrooms
or Fillet of Trout with Aligoté “White Wine” Vegetables
or Cockerel coocked in Red Wine with Steamed Potatoes
or Burgundy Style Beef with Fresh Pastas

The Desserts

Ivory Chocolate Crunch, Roasted Figs
or Crème Brulée with Pears and Ginger
or Red Fruits Mousse on Gingerbread
or Pear Poached in Red Wine Sauce and Four Spicies
or Gingerbread Ice Cream and Vine Peach Sorbet*
*Les glaces proviennent de la maison « Glaces des Alpes »

Tasting Menu € 48.00

Burgundy Style Ham With Parsley

Fillet of Trout with Aligoté “White Wine” Vegetables

3 Burgundy Snails

Marc de Bourgogne Ice Cream


Poached Egg in Red Wine Sauce

Cockerel Cooked in red Wine with Steamed Potatoes

Plate of Regional Cheese

Red Fruits Mousse on Gingerbread

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